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My name is Dan Parisi. I Thank You for visiting Perfect Pizza Dough. 

My pizza education began when, as a young boy growing up in an Italian family in Chicago, I would help my grandmother make homemade pizza. I worked at numerous pizzerias over the years, including Tony and Lill's Pizza in Chicago. Tony and Lills was one of the first pizzerias to open in Chicago in 1947. They served delicious thin crust pizza. I also worked at Nancy's Pizza, the creator of Chicago Stuffed Pizza. When I finally felt I had honed my pizza making skill, my wife and I opened our own pizzeria in suburban Chicago which we owned and operated for 18+ years. We made crisp thin crust, Chicago style deep-dish and stuffed pizza.

The Chicago Tribune said we served "Superior Thin Crust Pie".

Last year, while visiting in Florida, we made homemade pizza for some friends and several of their neighbors. They loved the pizza. One of the neighbors is a very well known musician who owns a restaurant.  He asked if we would show him how to make the pizza so he could serve it in his restaurant. It occured to us that there are many transplanted Chicagoans throughout the country that miss authentic Chicago style pizza. We decided to develop our Perfect Pizza Dough kits so our friends who craved Chicago pizza were able to recreate the same pizza dough which earned us rave reviews from the Chicago Tribune in their own home, restaurant or pizzeria. We are now selling dough kits for the home cook. All you need to do is add water and oil to the package contents and knead to make Perfect Pizza Dough! We invite you to browse through our store and shop with confidence.

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